Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Where have I been?

Don't worry, hypothetical readers, I have not lost my blogging mojo! Your wasted hours are safe!

Exams are a real drag. Let me offer up some things that have been going on with me.

Melissa tore the club up in her half-marathon. 1:57:30!

My good friends Jimbo and Hayley welcomed Carson James Tucker into the world on Sunday afternoon. I haven't been to see them yet, but I hear that the wee lad has thankfully escaped a resemblance his father shares to a certain children's book character.

Congrats to April & Jordan Stevenson, in whose lovely wedding I had the honor of participating this Saturday. Congrats also to Cara and John Stephenson, whose wedding I had to miss but heard was the bomb. May God grant you the loving fulfillment of your vows!

Incidentally, how many ste(v)(ph)ensons are there out there? Did they all get married last weekend?

My good buddy Ashby, who is also busy with exams, managed to find the time to post a new song on his band's website. It's a reinterpretation of S & G's sound of silence. I dig it.

I've got a longer post that' been swirling 'round in my head for a few days. More later.

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CG said...

Carson thanks you for the props!