Monday, May 7, 2007

Michael the Spiritual Advisor

The highlight of my Sunday nights is Michael the Spiritual Advisor and Relationship Counselor.

For you Birmingham listeners, he comes on 95.7 Jamz from 8-9 Sunday evenings, as well as Tuesday mornings 7-9.

Let's just say that his theology is interesting and his advice, well, a little predictable. His usual call involves someone asking about when and if they will [get married] [get into a serious relationship] [have a child] [find a new house] [get a job] [you get the picture].

His response, which I would say is in the affirmative 90% of the time, usually involves a date, a distinctive body feature (commonly a tattoo or birthmark, and perhaps some initials.

And he always reminds people that they've got to be good or God won't bless them.

But, far and away the best part of the show is that he plays all of Whitney Houston's "Count on Me" after every commercial break. The whole thing. Every time.

It's a cultural experience! It's a theological experience! It's a musical experience!


Melissa said...

count on me, i will be there. don't be afraid. please believe me when i say...

you can count on, you can count on me-ee.

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