Thursday, May 17, 2007

Judicial Clerkships

I am fascinated by what judges do. They seem to live at the exploding intersection of academic (perhaps "brooding") law, abstract ideas of justice and fairness, and very concrete actions and results. How is a person to handle these responsibilities?

(Forgive me for romanticizing the judicial process. I am inclined to have a more minimalist view of the judicial process, but that minimalism could be said to be a mechanism of coping with the mystery.)

All of this fascination has made me want to work for judges for a while.

Next year, I get to work with a Federal District Court judge here in town.

Yesterday, I dropped off an application with a Circuit Court of Appeals judge.

Let me say this: I love blogging. A lot. But I'd gladly leave all the brooding for the chance to deal with the real thing.

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