Monday, May 7, 2007

An Odd Report from Reuters

This article from Reuters seems to suggest that Royale was right about the violence that would follow from the election of Sarkozy.

Apparently, 730 cars were torched and 78 policemen hurt. That sounds like a lot of violence.

But, keep reading and things get more interesting:

[A government memo] added that the level of violence was above that usually seen on July 14 Bastille Day, France's national holiday, "but below that of New Year's celebrations."

Police say on an average just over 100 cars are set ablaze in France each night.

100 cars a night? Less violence than New Years?

A law-and-order vote is starting to make more sense to me. Turnout rates about 85%(!!!) are starting to make more sense to me. The US had turnout just above 60% in 2004.

This was one heck of a vote.

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Anonymous said...

Royale was actually inciting violence. She saw a rise in violence as some twisted vindication of her losing position. She predicted it. Hoped for it. And caused it.
The left has become the home of right makes right, both here and abroad.