Saturday, May 5, 2007

Best Band Name Ever

I was reading over the blogger profile of Bill McNeal, a cousin of mine who happens to have very good opinions about, among other things, music.

Check out his blog.

One his favorite bands is called The Firetheft. I've only listened to them a wee bit. The band is largely the reincarnation of Sunny Day Real Estate. I'm into their sound, but not nearly as much as I'm into their name. Genius. The name is lyrical and vaguely evocative of mythology.

I think The Firetheft is one of the best band names ever. Ever!

I know it is hard to separate the quality of a band's name from the degree of your personal enjoyment of their music, but do your best to be objective and tell me: what are the greatest band names of all time?


Mary Rosenbaum said...

The Rubber Band - that was adam's group in jr. high.

Joel said...

Sloth Momma and the Redneck Gatsbys!
(okay, so I'm a little biased...)

bill mcneal said...

funny mary, because The Fire Theft has a song called Rubber Bands.

Mary Rosenbaum said...

Thats amazing.