Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Interesting NYT Article on Abortion and Disabilities

These articles are interesting. It appears that there are going to be 11 of them, so stay tuned for links to 9 more...

The most recent article explores the dilemma in which advocates of choice find themselves when they are confronted with the fact that a lot of women who discover that their child will have Down syndrome or some other "less serious condition" exercise their right to choose an abortion.

The Pro-Choice movement has focused on the woman doing the choosing. The emerging data on abortion and disability put the emphasis in the womb.

I'll close by including a quote I found interesting.

“You’ve got these two basic liberal values on a kind of collision course,” said Rayna Rapp, an anthropologist at New York University who has studied attitudes toward prenatal testing.

Without some mechanism, some Tao, to resolve these conflicts, how can anyone make a defensible decision?

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