Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Note on Some Format Changes

This is really an apology. I've taken down links to several of my friends' blogs. My purpose was to provide them with a bit of anonymity and to maintain as much privacy as possible.

I find myself occasionally writing things about which people have strong opinions. Perhaps we are better off if I continue brooding "out there" instead of including a bunch of information by which I am easily identifiable. There is a kind of blog circle (a blircle?) that I fit into, and I did not want to invite everyone into that ring.

If you want your blog back on the list, I am of course more than happy to oblige. I'm still reading, don't worry. I merely considered it my duty, as more people I don't know come here to read, to give my friends the options of remaining anonymous.

Most of my friends prefer to remain anonymous as it is. I can't blame them.

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Caleb Chancey said...

I'm would be honored to be a part of your blircle. (