Friday, April 27, 2007

Reid and Petraeus, pt. 2

I couldn't pass this up. I got a real kick out of Senator Reid's logic yesterday, how he either completely misunderstood or blatantly misquoted General Petraeus.

The Senator has obliged to give me a wonderful way of summing up his position on Patraeus. When asked about the General's remarks that the situation in Iraq was improving, the Senator responded simply: "I don't believe him."

Awesome. I don't believe him unless I misunderstand him to agree with me. Now I know that politicians on both sides of aisle are famous for, uh, suboptimal reasoning--but you've got to admit that the disconnect here is funny.

How can we ever get down the substance and merits of the stuff these guys argue about if their arguments are about as precise as a drunken game of Marco Polo?

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