Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Joel Scott Davis

Joel Davis, ladies and gentlemen, is the finest musician I know. And I know some fine musicians.

All of you should check out his music. Joel is going off to California to work on his grownup choral and instrumental compositions, but he is also a sick bassist (in the Sting mold), a sick guitarist, and a piano player of no mean skill. He is one of the few guys who can legitmately say he digs Arvo Pa:rt and the Doors. He is also rumored to have worked with a shadowy figure known as "David Brooks" on some very risky projects...

Check out his blog.

His idea of "the song I've always known" is something that he has talked about with me for years now. The song that the composer "discovers" is the musical analogy that goes along with Holmes's musings about the law being a "brooding omnipresence."

Joel, may we be on the same page, if not in the same city, forever. Bodacious Cowboys, such as yourself, will always be welcome here.

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