Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Done with the Bar Exam!

Congratulate me! Tell me that I will enjoy working! Reassure me that I have not just gone over to the dark side!

Have I?


Joel said...


Congratulations on passing the bar exam! While I can't tell you with absolute certainty that you haven't crossed over to the dark side, remember this: what happens to a man externally does not necessarily change him on the inside.

All that to say, just because you've become a member of the Sith doesn't make you Darth Vader; Anakin can still live on, if you'll let him.

erin said...

yay! you're done!!! i'm so excited for you!!!!! have fun at the beach!

Anonymous said...

You must be proactive and find a career you enjoy. You are not merely swept to a dark side, requiring assurance as to which side you currently find yourself.

It's fine if you decide not to practice law -- we don't make good money for the hours worked, which is why so many lawyers condescend other professions (when you hate your work and are underpaid, simple pride is all that remains).

If you decide to go in a different direction and people question you, it is irrelevant. Make a decision in line with God's will for your life, own it, and the people worth knowing will stick with you even if they don't understand your logic.

Whatever you do, don't live for the weekend.