Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter VII

There may be one who is now like I once was, doubtful of this craze over some children's book. Doubt not. Harry Potter is really quite good.

I eagerly await Harry VII, but I have one big fear: is the ending going to spoil the series? I am not talking about a Matrix-style meltdown--Rowling is far too good for something that bad.

But I worry that Harry Potter may be like the show 24: really great and addicting while you're in it but B-grade entertainment when it's over. Am I still going to find myself going back to read my favorite passages once I know how it ends? Or is the whole thing a slave to this masterful slow crescendo of suspense?

One way or another, Rowling has achieved something incredible. But if Harry Potter is going to cross over into the realm of the great books, the ones we keep reading 100 years after their authors have died, she will have to end this book in a way that satisfies more than the needs of a wonderful plot.

If I may be cheesy for a moment, the books have had an appeal that is almost magical, but I feel like she will have to get beyond the magic, both in her plot and her substance, to triumph.

But what do I know? When was the last time I made a billion dollars writing books for kids?

On a side note, please don't comment about the plot here. I will be away from the omnipresence (which is ironic) taking the bar next week. I'd hate to have someone find out how it goes down here. And I'd really hate for that someone to be me.

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Adam Jones said...

I shall say nothing of the plot, however, I think you'll be quite satisfied, if you haven't finished yet. Congratulations on finishing the bar.