Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hamas & Fatah

Things are getting nasty in Gaza.

Remember that Hamas won elections that put in control of the Palestinian Government, and is now trying to leverage its victory into total control. It is imperative that you remember this fact, because it will not get mentioned much.

What is happening in Gaza is what happens when we place an inordinate faith in democracy. Democracy is the best (i.e., worst except for all the others) form of government, but even the best governments stand no chance against power, greed, hatred, and fear.

Spreading democracy is like spreading fertilizer: it will make grass grow tall and strong, but it will do the same for weeds.

Don't misinterpret me--I am not arguing that Palestinians (or anybody else) is somehow unfit for democracy. But I do want to make sure that we, who spread democracy, take note of the side effects.

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